Got a question for our editors? Ask it right here.

— Carnivah House



  1. nancy virginia varian said,


    Thanks for the update on the anthology deadline.

    Would you shoot me a copy of the guidelines for the anthology please? I think my computer ate the original GLs. 😦



  2. Steve said,

    Did it, nancy. Let me know if they don;t show up in your email.

    — Steve

  3. Gary said,

    Ok, I’m a bit confused. On one page you make it seem like the “Infinity Swords” anthology is open to anyone as long as they meet the criteria and deadlines. However, on the “About” page it states unequivocably that this is for invited writers only. Which is it? and if it is by invitation only: How does one get invited?

  4. Sorry, Gary. That’s an oversight. The anthology originally was open to invitees only; we have since opened submissions to everyone. Someone (OK, me) forgot to update the “About” page when we made the switch.

    Thanks for pointing that out, and send us a story if you are inclined.

    — Steve

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