October 24, 2008

Authors for “The Infinity Swords”

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Here at long last is the lineup of authors for our first Carnivah House anthology, “The Infinity Swords.”

The City on the Sword, by S.C. Bryce
An Awakening of Shadows, by Deven Atkinson
Quoth the Magpie, by Barbara E. Tarbox
Under a Persian Sun, by Ty Johnston
The High Price of Miracles, by Sue Penkivech
Gift of the Unspoken God, by Jason Thummel
Sanctuary, by Ellie Tupper

Plus …
Keeper of the Blade, a new action-packed fantasy story by Gere McClellan
White Willow, a new John Humble story by TW Williams
The Sword Cult, a new Calthus story by Steve Goble

We’ll have sword-and-sorcery, high fantasy, some weird science fiction, some mystery and modern-day horror to bring your way — all swirling around a pair of dimension-hopping swords seeking one another out to complete the battle to rule the multiverse.

The editorial decisions were not easy at all, and I can think of several stories we probably would have purchased if our budget was bigger. So, please congratulate our paid authors, and I hope you’ll be reading their work when we get the book out there.

More details regarding release date, etc., will be forthcoming when we get them ironed out.

— Steve


February 22, 2008

Submissions update …

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Our Unholy Triumverate of Carnivah House editors — in other words, Gere, Tom and me — is nearly finished reading all submissions for “The Infinity Swords.”

Each of us is reading every submission. We will gather Sunday to compare notes; any story that all three of us likes is in. Stories that get no votes, of course, will be rejected.

As for stories that get one vote or two votes, we’ll discuss those. Those in favor will try to convince those against that the stories should be in the anthology, and those against will explain their problems with the stories. We’ll hash out the differences; in some cases, the problems can be addressed with minor rewrites.

At some point, we’ll have as many stories as we can afford and the anthology will be filled. It is quite likely some pretty good stories will not make it into the book, as we have a tight budget.

Expect acceptance notices, rewrite requests and rejections to start going out over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for sending us your stories, and thanks for your patience while we try to assemble a kick-ass anthology.

— Steve

January 16, 2008

Submissions window now closed …

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The submissions window for our anthology, “The Infinity Swords,” is now closed. If you haven’t e-mailed yours yet, you are too late.

All submissions that arrive from this point forward will go unread, unless we are unable to fill the anthology from the submissions that made deadline. That’s an unlikely event, though, judging from the number of submissions. I’m not sure how many we have in total, as they’ve been coming in fast and furious all day.

All writers who made deadline should have received an acknowledgement of receipt from us by now. If you sent a story, but haven’t heard from us, leave word here and we’ll see what we can do to get your submission.

We thank all of you for sending us your stories, and we’re having a great time reading your stuff. Now to turn it all into a kick-butt anthology!

— Steve

April 24, 2007

‘Infinity Swords’ deadline change

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To all authors invited to submit to “The Infinity Swords” anthology:

Several writers have had real-life events, etc., get in the way of writing their yarns for us, and we have some business stuff to sort out, too, so we’ve pushed back the deadline for submissions to “The Infinity Swords.”

You now have until June 15. Good luck!

— Carnivah House

NOTE, NOV. 12, 2007: Apparently, some writers have seen this older post and incorrectly concluded the deadline is June 15, 2008. That’s incorrect; we begin accepting general submissions Jan. 1, 2008, and close the window Jan. 15, 2008. Sorry for any confusion.

November 21, 2006

Hello …

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Carnivah House is a small press publisher of fantasy fiction. Stay tuned to learn about our debut anthology …