July 23, 2007

Call for submissions …

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Carnivah House is seeking submissions for our first fantasy anthology, The Infinity Swords.

This is a themed anthology, featuring a shared multi-verse. The link is a pair of powerful, dimension-hopping weapons and the entities that pursue them. We have some stories in hand, but we are opening up submissions to fill out the book. If you are interested in submitting, first read the draft of our prologue, then check our guidelines.

Still interested? Good. Write us a story — and send your best. We have some excellent stuff in hand already.


January 16, 2007

Notice: ‘Infinity Swords’ writers …

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Writers invited to submit to our print anthology, “The Infinity Swords,” may send their manuscripts to us via email. Send it to the same address you used to reply to our invitation. Please paste the text of your story into the email; if we buy your story, we’ll arrange for an .rtf file.

And feel free to email us with questions, or post questions here.

Now get to writing!

— Carnivah House

December 29, 2006

Great response so far …

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A quick update on “The Infinity Swords,” our first print anthology project, scheduled for release in late 2007.

Most of the authors we invited to submit have accepted the invitation, and there still are a few names we haven’t yet heard from. The enthusiasm is gratifying to your humble editors, and we expect to see some really good submissions rolling in. We expect the book to include 8 to 10 stories.

Competition will be fierce, so write your best stuff!

— Carnivah House

December 12, 2006

“The Infinity Swords”

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Invitations went out today to authors to submit to Carnivah House’s first anthology project: “The Infinity Swords.”

“The Infinity Swords” will be a print collection of fantasy stories linked by a common, cosmic theme. We’re expecting rip-roaring adventure, mystery, the hand of fate, plenty of action … lots of good stuff. Toward that end, we’ve invited authors we know can deliver the goods. If this project succeeds the way we think it will, we’ll try open submissions on future projects.

We plan a release in late 2007. Stay tuned for details!

— Carnivah House