February 22, 2008

Submissions update …

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Our Unholy Triumverate of Carnivah House editors — in other words, Gere, Tom and me — is nearly finished reading all submissions for “The Infinity Swords.”

Each of us is reading every submission. We will gather Sunday to compare notes; any story that all three of us likes is in. Stories that get no votes, of course, will be rejected.

As for stories that get one vote or two votes, we’ll discuss those. Those in favor will try to convince those against that the stories should be in the anthology, and those against will explain their problems with the stories. We’ll hash out the differences; in some cases, the problems can be addressed with minor rewrites.

At some point, we’ll have as many stories as we can afford and the anthology will be filled. It is quite likely some pretty good stories will not make it into the book, as we have a tight budget.

Expect acceptance notices, rewrite requests and rejections to start going out over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for sending us your stories, and thanks for your patience while we try to assemble a kick-ass anthology.

— Steve



  1. Tim said,

    Thanks for the update. In or out, I am also excited to read the stories that make the cut.

  2. Tim R said,

    I concur, thank you for the update. I loved writing for this Anthology because it reminded me of my first ‘real’ fantasy read, Elric of Melnibone. Thanks again.

    -Tim R

  3. Ty said,

    Steve, your post got me to thinking … three editors sitting around the slush pile, discussing what they like and don’t like … I’m thinking that would make a great podcast online. I’m not suggesting the Carnivah folks do this, but it struck me as a cool idea. Of course any editors involved would likely want to skip using any writers’ names, and maybe not even the story titles (I admit, that would be tough in such a discussion) but it might open a lot of writers’ eyes to what goes on in the selection process.

  4. Jason said,

    ‘Tis true, it does sound like a fun idea – for the listeners. Rather hard on the poor editors, having to repeatedly use a “Story A” and “Author B” type reference. Perhaps a discussion that simply takes place after publication and only covers the published stories would be more feasible.

    Or skip the podcast and do it in person, over wine and cheese (beer for Steve – and pretzels?).

  5. Jason said,

    Oh, sorry – forgot to say ‘Thanks’ for the revealing update, Steve. I’d keep my fingers crossed but I’m afraid I need them to get this RotS antho out on schedule. 😉

  6. Sue said,

    Thanks for the update!

  7. TW said,

    Quick update: We met, successfully.

    No blood was shed, though a few adult beverages flowed — afterward — as we toasted what should be a very exciting mix of fantasy stories. And we looked at each other and smiled with satisfaction over our selections: Good stories, well told , with a decent range of variety and style.

    As Steve indicated earlier, the next steps — acceptances (woohoo!), rejections (sigh) and contracts — will progress over the next few weeks. We’d love to give you specific dates, but family and job demands are keeping all of us on our toes.

    Thanks again for all who toiled to offer their best to the anthology gods (no, that’s not us, we serve at their pleasure).


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