January 16, 2007

Notice: ‘Infinity Swords’ writers …

Posted in Anthologies at 7:05 am by carnivahhouse

Writers invited to submit to our print anthology, “The Infinity Swords,” may send their manuscripts to us via email. Send it to the same address you used to reply to our invitation. Please paste the text of your story into the email; if we buy your story, we’ll arrange for an .rtf file.

And feel free to email us with questions, or post questions here.

Now get to writing!

— Carnivah House



  1. Ellie said,

    Hey, do you all have a name for the Olympus-whatever where Haggorum / Sassinara / Hoden hang out? The premise is Hiromel is out there somewhere, but where is home?

  2. Steve Goble said,

    Ellie … the deity-folk as envisioned sort of wander large swaths of the cosmos, as opposed to a single planet or dimension or whatever, so I haven’t really thought of a name for the “homeland.” Both sides in the big cosmic brouhaha see the entirety of Reality as their stomping grounds. The concept of “home,” I think, would be alien to them. But if your story needs such an element, or a special place for the gathering of these deities, feel free to come up with something you like. Adjustments can be worked out if necessary.

    — Steve

  3. Ellie said,

    Gotcha. Thanks!

  4. SC Bryce said,

    Er… am I the only one pushing up against this deadline? Or am I in good company?

  5. Ellie said,

    The best, SC! 🙂
    One story’s working; the other’s being a pain. But I should have ’em both done this weekend.

  6. Hey, all … we know of several writers who are pressed for time so we’ve decided to extend the writing period. You now have until June 15 to get your stories in to us.

    Emails on this will go out to writers soon (I hope).

    — Carnivah House

  7. SC Bryce said,

    Thanks! Hopefully, I won’t need that long. But having spent most of the last two months sick, I’m behind on everything. I’ve only got one story to submit, so I’d better make it a good ‘un.

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